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WARNING - Members who elect to participate in discussions on The Line forum are advised that it is not a protected or privileged discussion area. Posts made are subject to review for compliance with the Association’s Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”). Content determined to be in violation of the AUP may be removed and result in suspension and/or permanent revocation of privileges to access the forum. Content that is determined to be unlawful may subject the individual responsible, and potentially the Association, to legal liability. Further, posts to The Line forum are not protected from being the source of disciplinary action by American Airlines management. Management has used The Line content for a range of disciplinary actions against pilots up to, and including, termination of employment. APA DOES NOT monitor forum content other than as reported by users for non-compliance with the AUP. Information posted should not be treated as fact or as representing the positions or directions of the Association unless posted by someone with authority to do so.

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